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    How Pipkin made it to the UK

    Welcome to Pipkin

    The Pipkin team are nuts about coconuts. We live, breathe, sleep and eat coconuts.

    When we say this, we mean it quite literally as we know how amazing unrefined coconut oil is in almost all aspects of life. Since discovering the many benefits coconuts have, Pipkin wants everyone to see how versatile, useful and downright brilliant coconut oil is. Therefore, we set up Pipkin, to let our customers realise the uses and benefits of 100% Organic Coconut Oil and Butter.

    When we fell in love with Sri Lanka, we fell in love with coconuts too. We decided to set up our coconut factory in the place where it all began, and now we bring the finest coconut oil of Sri Lanka to our customers in the UK and across Europe.

    In Sri Lanka, our coconuts are picked, pressed and packed all in one location so that nothing is lost and the freshness is retained. This speedy and local processing ensures the highest quality products without adding nasty preservatives or additives.

    It Started in Sri Lanka…

    During a trip to the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, also known as the Resplendent Isle and Serendib because of its beauty, we discovered raw, pure, and organic coconut oil being used for almost everything. With so many benefits and uses, we wanted to bring it back home so that everyone could see how amazing coconut oil is.

    What We Offer

    We are always researching and testing new products to have an ever-growing range of coconut goodness. Currently, we’re going nutty over our pure coconut oil and butter products.

    Coconut oil and butter are both staples to have in the home and give so many uses for health, beauty, body, mind and spirit.

    The finest purity...

    How Pipkin Organic Coconut Oil is Made

    Improving your Health with Coconuts

    Coconut oil and butter is a true superfood. There are countless benefits and uses, and we keep discovering more. One of the key areas of research for coconut oil is the amazing health benefits.

    So far, research has shown that coconut oil can;

    • Improve Type 1 and 2 Diabetes
    • Help with acne, eczema and psoaris
    • Promote weight loss through ketosis
    • Reduce cholesterol
    • Kill bacteria and viruses
    • Strengthen hair and reduces dandruff

    The Difference Between Organic Coconut Oil and Organic Coconut Butter

    Oil Is extracted from the coconut, at Pipkin, we use a cold-press method, while butter is the flesh that is ground into a spreadable butter. Coconut oil is nutty and has a medium coconut intensity, whereas butter has a strong coconut flavour and smell.

    Oil is easier and more versatile to cook with, whereas butter is better to spread on food. Butter contains fibre (unlike oil) and contains protein, magnesium and iron.

    Both can be used as beauty products such as moisturisers, bath oil, lip balm, massage oil, shaving lubricant, hair conditioner to name a few. It is personal preference as to which texture and scent you prefer.

    The Full Pipkin Range


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