Pipkin Smoothie

Greetings from Pipkin

It was one of those moments. Like an apple falling on Isaac Newton’s head but in our case it was coconuts.

We have travelled the world! From the beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka all the way to the isolated villages of China, to bring the finest superfoods back to the UK and Europe – the superfoods that have changed the way people think, eat and live.


How it all started..

Since our first visit to Sri Lanka, we discovered a different world from the one that we live in. With the help of only one incredible ingredient…coconut oil, people clean, cook, bake, snack and pamper their bodies and souls. And it actually works! Since we discovered the wonders of coconut oil, we knew that there are still so many superhero ingredients out there to be discovered and imported to the UK to demonstrate what healthy living is all about.

We can guarantee that once you purchase one of Pipkin’s products, you are purchasing a 100% natural product that is packed with all the flavour and goodness that it has to offer.

Superfoods from Pipkin

From Coconut Oil, we discovered Coconut Butter, Coconut Flour, Hemp seeds, Goji Berries and so many other ingredients that not only taste good, but contribute to our wellbeing, our energy and our lifestyle.

Superfoods have taken over our grocery list, but not all superfoods are equal. At Pipkin, we believe that superfoods don’t need any additives or preservatives, that’s why all of our products are 100% pure, raw, organic and approved by the Soil association, the Vegan and Vegetarian society, USDA and more.

Our Love for Coconuts

Pipkin Coconut products are made in the heart of Sri Lanka, using raw coconut and methods such as cold pressing to ensure you all the nutrients are retained. Our premium coconut products are not bleached or deodorised unlike many other commercial grade coconut oils. Pipkin coconut products are natural, raw, pure and unrefined.

Created and picked by coconut artisans who ensure each jar contains the best-quality coconuts to retain its fresh, tropical taste.

The Organic Stamp of Approval

We are proud to be certified by the Vegan Society, Vegetarian Society, Kosher Check and Soil Association. Our Pipkin products are 100% organic.

We think it’s important to bring to you the best products, always retaining their nutritional value and goodness, so to ensure this we have been verified and certified by the Soil Association.


100% Organic


Kosher Check


Vegan Society


EU Agriculture


Guild of Fine Foods


Organic Soil Association


USDA Organic


Vegetarian Society


Certified by the Organic Soil Association & USDA, and fully compliant with EU organic farming standards


The meat is mechanically pressed at temperatures not exceeding 48° Celsius to preserve the goodness


Pipkin products are 100% natural and completely free of any preservatives or nasty chemical additives


Unprocessed, unheated, unrefined and truly delicious - Pipkin products tick all the right boxes


Fully certified by the Vegan Society and the Vegetarian Society


Excellent for gluten-free diets and as a substitute for dairy, to also help reduce cholesterol intake

The finest purity...

How Pipkin Coconut Oil is Made